Recipes, Fables, Families Come Together In Kerrygold's 'Magical Pantry'


What do you get when you mix recipes with children’s fables?

In the case of Irish dairy brand Kerrygold, it’s an interactive experience that connects parents and kids in the kitchen.

It all takes place in The Magical Pantry—a dedicated website containing some 40 recipes and four fables that are woven together to appeal to millennial parents and their offspring.

Users customize a “hero” character—from facial figures to eyebrow and hair color—who is then incorporated into the chosen fable.

“For us it’s really about what millennials value—and that’s experiences over products,” Dane Canada, creative director at Energy BBDO, tells Marketing Daily.

“We like doing, we like the art of making. So the kitchen is a natural extension. We like pulling our family into that experience.”

The recipes were crafted by the interactive cooking school The Dynamite Shop while Irish children’s author Vicky McFarland collaborated on story creation, and illustrations were drawn by Dan Gartman.

“When we were looking at recipes, we just found them so boring,” says Canada. “They’re written by adults for adults, they’re drivel, they’re black and white. We needed to update the traditional recipe into something more innovative and interesting.”

Launching first in the United States, The Magical Pantry will be available in Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom next spring.

Kerrygold Pure Irish is the #2 U.S. butter brand, while Kerrygold Dubliner Irish is the #1 specialty cheese.


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