Hispanics Are More Likely To Be Online Shoppers Vs Non-Hispanics

A new study tracking the Hispanic digital purchase journey finds that Hispanics are more likely to be online shoppers compared to non-Hispanics and are more likely to use retailer sites versus search engines.

The study was conducted by Adsmovil, Publicis Media and ThinkNow.

The study also found that Millennial Hispanics are more likely to use social media for product information compared to older age groups.

And younger generations of Hispanics prefer brands that have Spanish content online. About a third of Millennials say they regularly translate search results for others.

Also, Hispanics tend to engage more in collective behaviors around search and purchase and are more likely to assist others with purchases, compared to non-Hispanics. And that collective behavior extends to big purchases and small, such as groceries and medications.

Maria (Lopez) Twena, CMO of Adsmovil asserted that the findings “clearly delineate distinctions across both Hispanic acculturation levels and age cohorts, something that has been missing in our industry for a long time.”



The results, she added, “will assist brands in determining who their key targets within the market should be, as well as what collective approach they should take for driving brand engagement, acquisition and ultimately, advocacy.”

More on the study can be found here along with a link to subscribe to a whitepaper on the study that will  be released later this year.




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