Where Are The Russian Media Hackers When You Truly Need Them?

Have we forgotten about Russia looking to manipulate the media in the U.S. -- possibly around U.S. elections?

This might be off the radar for many. 

Yet Politico says Russian state media money continues to find its way into the U.S. via Russian state media group Rossiya Segodnya, which funneled $3,284,169 to Ghebi, a company that produces articles, newswires and a number of radio shows.

What about Russian faux news stories on social media -- as well as fuzzy political advertising? The likes of Twitter, Facebook and other major social media platforms will want to tell you very little of its unsubstantiated media messaging gets on their platforms these days. 

Sure, social media has done a bit better in cracking down on misinformation. But it’s not perfect.



The U.S., to an extent, self-generates a lot of its own conspiracy theories -- especially through far-right groups looking to continue to gain influence, attraction and power.  

Do they still go with the claim that Antifa started the January 6th insurrection? The Oath Keepers brandishing patches on their coats and jackets on TV now admitting to criminal actions might tell us otherwise.

Other misinformation may be coming, I’m guessing. Maybe there’s a clumsy office clerk in Mar-a-Lago who is unable to cleanly file classified documents while sipping on coffee, getting stains on those manila folders.

Ghebi might not have the reach of bigger U.S. media companies. But it’s probably good to have something on hand for the Russians to count on.

One might say none of this matters -- especially in connection with former President Trump. Trump associates may be weary of the whole situation.

Did Trump ever get his Trump Tower built in Moscow? Who cares? Trump can now amass more than $200 million from poor supporters for “legal fees.” It’s a new business.

Right now Russia is very busy in Ukraine, so U.S. media manipulation may be taking a back seat.

Throwing a bone to Ghebi might give experienced Russian media pros and/or hackers there some hope that their services might ramp up in 2024. 

Maybe Russia just needs to do less and let the new wave of conspiratorial workers do the dirty work.

Elon Musk might even lend a hand.

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