Apple Mail Leaves Addresses In Email Signatures Off Recipient Lists: Report

Apple is drawing criticism because Apple Mail is leaving email addresses included in email signatures off recipient lists. 

The problem started last month when Apple released macOS Ventura and added features to Mail, according to MacRumors. 

The enhanced Apple Mail reminds users when they leave out an attachment or recipient. But Mail “has started warning me every time I send a message that the email address in my footer has been left off the recipient list,” writes Stephen Hackett, of 512 Pixels, who discovered the problem.

Hackett adds, “This is a shockingly dumb catch on Mail's part because the application should know what I have set up using its own Signatures feature. It's literally right there in the app's own settings."

In a separate development, Apple says it has resolved an issue affecting some iCloud Mail users. Service may have been slow or unavailable, it says. 





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