Intrusive? Google Adds Package Tracking And Delivery In Gmail

Ahead of the holiday shopping season, Google will add in Gmail package tracking and delivery information at a glance, making searching an inbox for the shipping confirmation number and delivery information a thing of the past.

The peak season for shopping online and for brands sending email confirmations has begun. At least for me. Gmail, in the coming weeks, will show a simple view of package tracking and delivery information right in the user’s inbox, explains IIya Brown, VP of product, Gmail, at Google, in a post.  

For orders with tracking numbers, Gmail will display the current delivery status in the inbox list view and in a summary card at the top of individual emails. Package tracking will become available across most major U.S. shipping carriers and will provide helpful details at a glance, such as estimated arrival date and status such as “Label created,” “Arriving tomorrow” or “Delivered today.”



While it might feel intrusive, because in theory Google’s technology is identifying words within the email to provide the service, consumer must opt in, rather than opt out.

If an order email contains a tracking number, Gmail will automatically look up the order status using the tracking number and surface it in your inbox.

UPS, FedEx and the United States Postal Service each do something similar, when the consumer opts in, but the delivery services do not rely on content in emails delivered daily to provide that information.

Google's package tracking feature will be available across most major U.S. shipping carriers. For packages that are delayed, in the coming months Gmail will show a delay label and bring the email to the top of your inbox.

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