Podcast Advertisers Offered Help In Contextual Targeting

Podcast advertisers have a new tool for finding contextual opportunities.

Acast has added a product called Keyword Targeting to its Acast Marketinglace. It allows advertisers to align their message with the most contextually relevant content spoken being about within a podcast episode, driving increased revenue for publishers, the firm says. 

Podcast advertising is forecast to surpass $4 billion in value by 2024 in the US., Acast notes. 

However, publishers need to increase targeting relevance and reduce wastage while providing a more contextually relevant advertising experience for listeners, it adds. 

Keyward Targeting utilizes speech-to-text transcription technology, artificial intelligence and natural language processing to identify key words and phrases spoken within an episode.

“We’re on a mission to ensure advertisers can be as contextually relevant—and effective—as possible in podcasting,” states Chris Wistow, Acast VP of Advertising Product.



Wistow claims that “brands can be part of the immediate conversation, whether that’s a major calendar event, breaking news story, or even something as quirky as an interviewee’s favorite meal.”

Keyword Targeting can be bought directly or programmatically. It follows Acast’s launch of Conversational Targeting earlier this year

Acast works with 2,400 advertisers each year, including brands like Amazon, State Farm, Macy’s, Ikea, Klarna and Ulta, it says. 

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