Google, YouTube Grant $13.2M To International Fact-Checking Network

Google and YouTube announced a $13.2 million grant Tuesday to the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) with the nonprofit Poynter Institute.

"At Google and YouTube, we want to help you find what you're looking for,” the company stated. “We also want to give you the context you need to make informed decisions about what you watch online.”

The grant will fund the formation of the Global Fact Check Fund, to support a network of 135 fact-checking organizations, operating from 65 countries in more than 80 languages. The money will go toward scaling existing operations and launch new initiatives to elevate information and reduce misinformation.

The fund becomes available in 2023. The fund will open in 2023. It is the largest single grant toward fact-checking to date. Since 2018, the Google News initiative has invested close to $75 million in projects and partnerships to help people spot misinformation. 

The Global Fact Check Fund will help fact-checkers scale existing programs or launch new ones, improve the quality of information, highlight credible sources, and reduce social harm that misinformation and disinformation causes, according to the company

Fact-checking organizations will have an option to use the funds to integrate new technologies, enhance verification tools, and engage their audiences through storytelling formats such as audio, video, or podcasts. 

Google has developed tools to help those searching for information identify and evaluate what’s reliable.  Along with the headlines, those looking for information will find the original claim along with the fact-checked assessment by independent organizations.

YouTube will host a training series next year for fact-checking organizations interested in learning more about the platform and best practices for video content strategy and engagement. The company recently launched a media literacy initiative designed to help viewers identify and evaluate misinformation. It’s called Hit Pause. The idea is to help people find what they search for, and to provide full context to make informed decisions.

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