British Army Highlights Soldiers As Greatest Asset In 'Flood'

The British Army released its second installment of the “Nothing Can Do What a Soldier Can Do” campaign.

The work, by Accenture Song, underscores that technology is valuable, but soldiers are the military's key asset.

“The Flood,” the latest 40-second spot, with the help of actual soldiers, just broke. The cross-platform campaign runs across TV, cinema, VOD and social media. The ad highlights how the Army aids homeland efforts, as well as the importance of the Army Reserves, both part-time and paid volunteer reserves.

The campaign taps into the drive, commitment and dedication that defines those who enlist. The British Army is a modern, battle-ready force. But it is not just utilized in political conflicts. "The Flood" illustrates that its skills are valuable in domestic crises, too. 



Nik Studzinski, Chief Creative Officer at Accenture Song in the UK, said: “Focusing on the instincts and humanity of British soldiers, supporting communities in crisis a little closer to home, felt like a story that needed telling. The flood scenario resonates because it affects us all. And it shows a different side to the Army, one that’s less focused on conflict-based concerns overseas.”

The new work is part of the long-running brand positioning: "The Is Belonging," developed in 2017 by Accenture Song, along with Capita and the British Army.

Accenture Song’s client work includes Huggies, Shiseido, H&M Foundation, IHG Hotels & Resorts and Australian Institute of Marine Science.

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