Tiffany Ad Covers The Front Of The Louvre

Tiffany is advertising its Lock bracelet in a novel place: the façade of the Louvre.

The famed museum in Paris has covered the front of the building with a giant photograph, an optical illusion, to promote its bracelet.

A giant trompe-l’oeil distorts the Louvre, a signed work of artist-photographer Paul Rousteau.

The work is part ofTiffany & Co’s ongoing promotional efforts.

“When Tiffany asked me to interpret her lock bracelet, I wanted to give it a strength that is both magical and telluric. Like a UFO, the bracelet loves matter, acts and transforms reality. There is always this impossible quest implicit in my work: to show the invisible. For this I create mirages: the Louvre mutates into a living, moving being. The blue of the sky turns to acid green for a psychedelic reinterpretation of Tiffany blue,” said Rousteau.

In the post-war period, Tiffany showcased the names of its artists, such as Jean Schlumberger, Andy Warhol and Elsa Peretti.

The American jeweler was acquired by the LVMH group, a French multinational, in early 2021. Its holdings also include Louis Vuitton, Dior, Fendi and Sephora. 



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