Spotter, Havas Media Group Unveil New Partnership

Spotter, the company that finances YouTube content creators, and Havas Media Group have announced a new partnership designed to back diverse creators on the Google and Alphabet-owned video platform. 
The new pact follows a similar funding venture that the two companies created last year. 
Spotter, formed five years ago pays YouTube creators cash up front in exchange for the ad revenue they earn on past videos. 
Specific terms of the Spotter-HMG partnership were not disclosed. But Spotter says it has has already provided over $740 million to YouTube creators--30% of it to diverse creators--and that it is on track reach $1 billion in investment in 2023. 
Havas Media Group recently launched a specialized multicultural media practice to help brands engage Hispanic, African American, Asian American, and LGBTQIA+ audiences and consumers. 
The Spotter partnership enables brands to invest directly with select diverse creators on YouTube. 
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