Ocean Spray Combines Humor, Violence In New 'Better-For-You' Creative

A new campaign for the latest Ocean Spray “better for you” beverage-line extensions seeks to convey and support self-confidence through humor.

It’s part of Ocean Spray’s “All That Power” brand platform—with the latest iteration titled “Yes You Cran.”

In November, Ocean Spray launched Immunity Orange Mango and Revitalize Cranberry Pineapple juices.

This “Cranfidence To Win” spot from the Orchard Creative agency combines humor with violence to promote Ocean Spray’s diet cranberry juice.

A woman and child walking through a building spot a clown handing out balloons. The woman freezes in place before saying “If Ocean Spray can make a juice drink with only one gram of sugar and still keep all of that powerful flavor, then I cran do anything. I cran overcome my fear of clowns.”



Then she walks up to the clown, screams and kicks him three times in the face until he falls flat.

Superimposed words warn “Professional stunt. Do not attempt.”

In another spot, numbered runners awaiting the start of a marathon are interrupted by a man clutching a bottle of Immunity Orange Mango who pushes his way to the front of the line.

“If Ocean Spray can make an immune-supporting juice drink with no added sugar and still keep all that powerful flavor, then I cran do anything,” he declares.

“I cran win this race without any training whatsoever!”

But when the starter kicks off the race, the man screams in horror before setting off on the course.

The new creative is timed to coincide with New Year’s resolutions that can create self-doubt, according to Trinh Le, vice president of next generation beverages at Ocean Spray.

“Consumers’ desires for wellness products are ever-changing and we’re dedicated to offering a portfolio of products that meet their evolving needs,” Le tells Marketing Daily.

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