Celtics Star Blake Griffin Delivers Humor, Nostalgia For Daily Harvest Delivery

Boston Celtics star and Daily Harvest investor Blake Griffin makes a humorous and nostalgic debut in two new commercials for the “fresh-to-frozen” food-delivery service.

Launched in 2015, Daily Harvest sells more than 140 food items and is best known for its organic smoothies, meal bowls, flatbreads and soups delivered in boxes.

Hence Griffin’s declaration of “Boxing Day” in this spot to celebrate the arrival of another Daily Harvest delivery.

Although the delivery woman disagrees with his interpretation of Boxing Day, Griffin drowns her out by turning on a blender.

In the second commercial, he recalls how his mother would pack fruits and vegetables in his school lunch accompanied by a handwritten note that provided “a little motivation to get me through.”



Now it’s Griffin writing himself a note and tossing it into a Daily Harvest box.

Both spots were created by the Maximum Effort agency.

“Blake's affiliation with Daily Harvest is authentic—he's an investor in the company, after all—and appeals to a diverse range of consumers across age and gender, which we welcome,” Daily Harvest CMO Mindy Perry tells Marketing Daily.

As previously reported, there’s much turmoil in the food- and meal-delivery space—with Freshly shutting down this month and companies like Blue Apron and HelloFresh laying off workers.

Asked how privately held Daily Harvest has differentiated itself, Perry says that because ingredients from more than 180 types of crops are frozen, there is no need for artificial preservatives or stabilizers.

“Our fresh-to-frozen format allows us to deliver a uniquely diverse mix of vibrant, nourishing ingredients directly to customers’ doors so they never have to sacrifice between convenience and taste, nutrition, or sustainability,” says Perry.

Along with Griffin, other early investors in Daily Harvest included professional basketball players Carmelo Anthony and Kemba Walker, tennis champion Serena Williams and actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

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