Oikos Returns To Super Bowl With (Even More) Of Deion Sanders' Clan


Oikos is piling on members of the Sanders football family in the yogurt brand’s return to the Super Bowl to stress the connection between protein and strength.

Last year, former NFL star and college football coach Deion Sanders went head to head with his son Shedeur in a muscle matchup, as seen in this spot.

When father and son debate who’s stronger, Deion’s mother Connie looks at him and asks “Strength? How do you think I gave birth to you and your big head?”

Super Bowl LVII will be a Sanders “Family Reunion” with the return of father, son and mother joined by three more of Deion’s children.

What starts out as a family picnic turns into a toe-to-toe competition across generations fueled by the consumption of Oikos.



For Shedeur, it’s crushing a football with his hands—just before he’s tackled by his sister Shelomi.

“As a leader in the Greek yogurt category, Oikos continues to show up on Game Day with entertaining creative to challenge the perception that healthy eating is boring,” Surbhi Martin, vice president of Greek yogurt and functional nutrition at Danone North America, said in a news release.

“We hope our campaign inspires consumers to make strong snack choices that power their strength.”

The spot will run pre-game and in-game during the Fox telecast.

Concurrent with the Super Bowl campaign, Oikos said it will kick off an initiative “that tackles the inequities that stand in the way of building strength by increasing access to nutrition and fitness resources where the needs are greatest.”

The company said this initiative will include “increasing awareness and co-creating sustainable solutions with key partners to address inequities in the space," but did not  elaborate.





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