Dr. Ruth Offers 'Shots Of Pleasure' Tips For Valentine's Day

Sex should be fun. That’s the advice from celebrity sex therapist-author Dr. Ruth Westheimer, the star of a new “Shots of Pleasure” campaign.

Dr. Ruth, now 94, is promoting Whipshots, a premium-distilled vodka-infused whipped cream, as a welcomed addition to the bedroom. Whipshots was developed by Starco Brands and Cardi B.

The digital campaign launched with a teaser that will be followed by 10- to 15-second videos. The twist? Dr. Ruth provides her own shots of pleasure tips to ensure customers have a steamy Valentine’s Day.

The campaign is created by Los Angeles-based The Woo agency. It will run on the Whipshots’ Instagram account.

"We set out to create something provocative, charming and empowering at the same time. We are fortunate enough to live in a time where a modern brand like Whipshots can be so bold as to champion inclusive sex positivity and join in the conversation around sexual wellness,” says Chelsea Kauth, executive creative director at The Woo Agency.



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