It's Looking Kinda Fishy Around Here: Wendy's Prepares For Lent

Wendy’s is planning to cater to the estimated one-quarter of Americans who celebrate Lent by bringing back its Crispy Panko Fish sandwich on Feb. 20, two days before Lent begins.

Wendy’s first added the item in 2021, replacing the North Pacific Cod sandwich with wild-caught Alaskan pollock, served on a bun with dill tartar sauce, lettuce, cheese and dill pickles. Wendy’s hasn’t announced specifics, but last year, the sandwich cost $4.29. It is available at any participating Wendy’s for a limited time.

Wendy’s is one of several fast-food chains that is offering fish for Lent. Others include McDonald’s (Fillet-O-Fish), Burger King (Big Fish Sandwich, made with Alaskan pollock), Popeye’s (Flounder Sandwich) and White Castle (Panko Breaded Fish Slider).

In addition to seafood items, some chains are trying some new items. Chick-fil-A is currently testing a fried cauliflower sandwich.

Lent this year runs from Feb. 22 to April 6. Easter Sunday is on April 9.




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