Nextdoor Reduces Harmful Content, Makes Neighborhoods Safer

The social network for neighborhoods, Nextdoor, on Thursday published its second annual Transparency Report highlighting changes the company made to its platform, along with a focus on products, policies, and moderation initiatives.

Nextdoor is scheduled to announce financial results for the most recent earnings on Tuesday, February 28, after the stock market closes. The company is expected to report a profit of $0.10 per share during the company’s fourth fiscal quarter. 

The report -- similar to the ones that Google and Facebook publish -- highlights findings from 2022, how the platform online and offline impacted more than 75 million verified neighbors, 3.6 million claimed businesses, and 5,000 public agencies across 11 countries. 

While the report is a way for the company to tout its accomplishments on its platform, it’s interesting to note for marketers that might want to advertise on the platform it, record low levels of harmful content.



Content reported for being harmful was reduced 35% to 0.2% in 2022 compared with the prior year, even as the number of neighbors has grown to over 75 million worldwide.  

And during a time when hate speech and violence are highlighted in the news, Nextdoor has made a shift toward kinder conversations -- something Pinterest also is working on. Nextdoor’s Kindness Neighbors on the platform who received the reminder edited or withheld their post 36% of the time, up from 35% in 2021.

Some 210,900 volunteer community moderators in neighborhoods around the world reviewed 92% of all reported content. 

Volunteer community moderators removed reported content at industry-setting speeds with a median time of 5.1 hours from time of report to removal.

Nextdoor introduced an additional process for transparency and appeals for neighbors whose content was reviewed and removed by the community. Of these decisions, 6.5% were appealed, and 11% of those appeals were successful.

Nextdoor also worked to in civil political discourse and access to voter information. Neighbors whose election-related content appeared likely to violate community guidelines received an election civility reminder that resulted in editing or withholding their posts nearly 30% of the time, leading to more civil political discourse.

The U.S. midterm election resources served nearly 130 million impressions in support of Nextdoor’s partners and drove 3 times engagement to compared with the 2020 election.

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