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CeraVe Aims to Break Through Social Media's Skincare Jungle

Skincare brands are inescapable on social media, making it hard for any brand to get noticed. CeraVe says its new #MoisturizeLikeaDerm effort is already driving home its central message -- that every body needs moisturizing -- by using a wide mix of content.

Zach King, a top TikTok creator, is a main ingredient, as is Dr. Muneeb Shah, a long-time champion of CeraVe, and a dermatologist with a large social following.

The brand is also calling on Retirement House, an elderly parody group, and creators with disabilities, like  blind motivational speaker Molly Burke and Ariana Covarrubias, who has a rare skin disease, and multiple beauty enthusiasts.

“To break through the noise, we engage some of our most authentic -- and most influential -- CeraVe users to share content that is authentic to the platform and their followers,” says Adam Kornblum, CeraVe’s senior vice president and head of digital marketing.



The campaign aims to combine dermatologists, who have made the brand No. 1 in recommendations, with creators who can turn videos into “fun, shareable content to capture viewers and stop thumbs from scrolling.”

In doing so, the goal is to make skincare education more accessible and engaging.

Among dermatologists the brand surveyed, 90% say moisturizing the body is essential to skin health and that people routinely pay more attention to their face than the rest of their skin.

To help generate content, CeraVe invited 30 creators to an immersive pop-up experience in Los Angeles, allowing them to meet Daniel Sugai, MD, an influential dermatologist, and horse around with larger-than-life tubs of moisturizers.

The company claims that a similar effort launched last year, #CleanseLikeADerm, lifted sales of CeraVe core cleansers by 52% compared to the prior year.

So far, #MoisturizeLikeADerm has gotten 260 million video views on TikTok, Kornblum tells Marketing Daily via email. “Additionally, we saw 170 posts from U.S influencers and dermatologists go live in the first week of the campaign launch. On Google Trends, we’ve seen that global interest in CeraVe is at an all-time high.”

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