Verizon Promotes New +Play Service At Oscars

The Oscars, like the Super Bowl, is a chance for advertisers to reach millions at a pop.

During the Academy Awards on March 12, Verizon will debut a new campaign promoting Netflix’s premium plan, +play. to mobile, 5G Home and LTE Home Internet customers.

The service integrates various subscription streamers — from Disney+ to FlixLatino to Starz — in one place, via Netflix’s premium plan, and paid for on one monthly bill. For a limited time, Verizon customers can get one year of this deal, on the company, with the purchase of a 12-month subscription from various options, saving $240.

Major networks are here, along with 20 new partners, including Blue Apron, Marquee TV, MasterClass and Paramount+.



Roster agency R/GA created the spot, which features moments from numerous Netflix shows, including ones starring Jenna Ortega, Ed Norton, Jonah Hill and Penn Dayton Badgley. The editing captures a word of dialogue that repeats a line from The Beatles’ song “All Together Now,” which is also the tagline. 

Erin McPherson, Chief Content Officer of Verizon Consumer Group, said +play is “a marketplace for our partners to leverage even broader direct-to-consumer reach and engagement, and it advances Verizon’s strategy of innovating and building new business models on our award-winning network.”

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