ActionIQ Debuts Tool To Connect Brands To Input From Data Warehouse

Customer data platform ActionIQ has released a tool that it says enables marketers to quickly enrich business applications with intelligence from a data warehouse.

The new solution, Profile API, helps brands ”make sound decision in real time based on the full spectrum of rich first-party customer data directly from where data lives,” says Justin DeBrabant, senior vice president of product at ActionIQ.

The company has over a dozen enterprise customers now live on their new Profile API, it says. 

With this launch, ActionIQ has expanded its Real-Time Customer Experience (RTCX module, consisting of its composable CDP, ActionIQ CX Hub. The RTCX module now includes:

- ActionIQ Profile API, which allows users to power inbound decisioning use cases with the identities, attributes and audience membership accessible.

- ActionIQ Tag, which enables brands to collect and unify customer events, while increasing addressability via identity syncing capabilities with walled gardens, demand-side platforms (DSP)s and identity providers.

- ActionIQ Triggers, which drives real-time outbound experiences across channels based, in part, on event data and historical customer profiles,

"Customer experience has the power to turn a customer into a brand loyalist or turn them away - and the key to success is personalization, and personalization in real time," DeBrabant adds.


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