Bud Campaign Seeks To Dispel Notion That Hard Seltzer Contains Beer


It’s not often that a company best known for selling beer wants to distance itself from the beverage.

But that’s the case in Budweiser’s new campaign for Bud Light hard seltzer, called “100% Hard Seltzer, 0% Beer.”

Its aim is to correct the misconception among many consumers that hard seltzers contain beer, while differentiating itself in a category that is flooded with competitors and has been on a multiyear sales downswing.

This “Truckin’ Bubbles” spot opens with a tractor-trailer bearing the campaign slogan traveling on a rural road as the driver listens to music on the radio.

The truck begins to shake and rattle before the driver encounters a pothole, and the rear doors fly open—unleashing a stream of colorful bubbles that catch the attention of other motorists, people in a roadside restaurant and bathers at a motel swimming pool.



The bubbles stand in direct contrast to the brown, beer-colored countryside. They’re intended to represent the flavors of Bud Light seltzer’s sangria-splash, cherry limeade, orange soda and black cherry varieties featured in the spot, which comes just over three years since the line was launched.

“Due to our Bud Light name, people still think there is beer in our great tasting seltzer—54% of people to be exact,” Steve Wolf, vice president of marketing for Bud Light extensions, said in a news release that referenced internal research.

To further dispel the myth related to beer and hard seltzers, parent AB InBev has created the Misconceptions card game in a partnership with Rabble Games.

Pitting players against each other to distinguish facts from misnomers, Misconceptions can be purchased for $19.99 on AB InBev’s Beer Gear website.


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