Restaurants Are Offered A Tool Called...Email Marketing

SevenRooms, a retention platform for the hospitality industry, has unveiled a product for restaurants called, simply, Email Marketing. 

The new tool works with SevenRooms’ Automated Emails, a set of personalized, trigger-based emails that can engage guests after they have visited a venue.

Email Marketing provides restaurants with “functionality that simply does not exist in the email marketing platforms that restaurants traditionally use," says Allison Page, co-founder and chief product officer at SevenRooms.

Page adds that  restaurant marketers can leverage their SevenRooms guest database to “quickly and easily build targeted campaign segments, eliminating the need to manually export and import mailing lists between systems.”

The company notes that having control of guest data allows operators to build their brand through direct touchpoints. 



Mango’s Tropical Café, Florida, uses Email Marketing and Automated Emails to make guests feel “very connected with us,” says Alyssa Fenu, sales and marketing manager at Mango's Tropical Café.

Fenu adds: "Being able to choose who our emails are going to — a specific customer segment or broadcasting to our whole database — makes the process a lot simpler.” 

In addition, “it's super easy to understand how many people opened our emails, how many people actually made a reservation, and how much money we're making because it's all in one place."

Presumably, SevenRooms will not try to trademark the name Email Marketing. 

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