Trader Joe's, American Family Insurance Most-Loved Brands

Trader Joe’s and American Family Insurance are the most-talked-about brands in offline and online conversations, respectively. 

That’s according to Engagement Labs, which released its sixth annual ranking of America’s “most loved” brands. 

Lego and Lush take the number two spots in offline and online. Charles Schwab’s improvement in offline brand love grew the most last year than any other top brands with a rank change of 126. Sam’s Club rank change increased by 65 spots, moving up to the fourth position for online most loved brands, according to the study, which looks at more than 650 brands across all consumer categories. 

The analysis ranks the most-loved brands based on net positive conversations happening online (via social media) and offline (via face-to-face conversations as well as phone and video chat.)



Engagement Labs research has demonstrated that online and offline conversations are distinct from one another and usually have no correlation. Despite both types of conversations having an impact that leads to sales and business outcomes, they do so in different ways, necessitating different marketing strategies.

This year’s top finishers show the strong emotional bond between consumers and the brands they love, says Steven M Brown, president of Engagement Labs. Consumers are passionate about brands, and this generates brand talk, he adds.

The beauty and personal care category stood out for high net sentiment offline and online, winning nine spots for positive conversations. Olay, Dove Men+Care, Dove and Bath & Body Works garnered spots for offline conversation, while Lush, Clean & Clear, Urban Decay, Clinique and AVON nabbed the top spots for online.  

Net sentiment of consumer conversations continues to be positive for everyday categories, which also include children’s products, food and home. 

Consumers tend to place a significant emphasis on these categories as they directly relate to their daily lives and well-being that generate consumer conversations, according to the study.

Brands that can successfully generate positive conversations and engagement with consumers in these categories are likely to see increased sales and brand loyalty.

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