Space Tourism Is Ready For Liftoff

When I think of space tourism I think of billionaires taking a quick trip up to the thermosphere or thereabouts and back in a Bezos- or Musk-backed rocket. For the thrill, of course, and the all-important photo op.

But a conference on the subject is going a little more in depth, next month in Los Angeles, to prepare industry types for the day—not to far off, maybe—when ordinary folk like you and me are ready to don our space suits and head for the stars. Or at least somewhere outside the reach of earth’s gravity.

And space suits may not be the only option, sartorially speaking. One session is about space lifestyle, brands, products and apparel and “shopping off world.”

For the entrepreneurial minded there’s a session on space manufacturing and mining.

Real people you might have heard of are participating like Bob Rogers, Founder and Chairman of BRC Imagination Arts, a creator of attractions, museums and corporate visitor experiences. Past projects include creation of the original Space Center Houston and attractions at the Kennedy Space Center.



Also participating: Bob Ward, who spent twenty-five years with Universal Studios Parks & Resorts and financier Steven Franck, Founder & CEO of Pale Blue Dot Ventures Inc.

And here’s a fun one: Chris Carberry, author of “Alcohol in Space: Past, Present and Future,” will be on hand to discuss the subject. Among other factoids in his book Carberry informs us that dozens of companies are exploring the possibilities of alcohol production in orbit.

Moon Julip anyone?

More on the event can be found here.

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