PETA's 'Red River Farm' Highlights Animal Cruelty, Vegan Fashion

House 337 has produced a new online and social-media campaign for PETA to highlight animal cruelty. The spot focuses on the trauma animals endure to create clothing and pushes a vegan fashion option.

Actress/comedian Jessica Cave ("Harry Potter) stars in the “Red River Farm” work, which mimics a children’s TV show. Puppet animals sing songs of cruelty, delivered in an upbeat way. Director Will Wightman, from BlinkInk, wrote the song.  

“A big part of the challenge with these sorts of projects is finding a fresh and engaging way to talk to people that avoids using the same old finger-wagging shock tactics many charities use,” said Steve Hawthorne, creative director at House 337.

PETA hopes to educate the public on how clothes are made and what the animals endure. The two-year campaign ends with a specific message. It asks viewers to “shop like their lives depend on it.”

Elisa Allen VP of Programs and Operations at PETA said: “This sharable video will support us in spreading the word that animals are not materials and inspire people to shop for vegan clothing and accessories.”

House 337 also did work for the wildlife charity Born Free Foundation.



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