Microsoft Brings Generative AI To Cyber Security

Security teams have a new tool for detecting threats — a generative AI product from Microsoft Corp. 

The new AI assistant, Security Copilot, is now available through private preview.

Security Copilot will enable defenders to “move at the speed and scale of AI,” says Vasu Jakkal, corporate vice president, Microsoft Security.  

It also will provide access to advanced OpenAI models to support security tasks and applications,

In addition, Security Copilot will summarize and make sense of threat intelligence to identify malicious activities, Microsoft says. And, it will correlate and summarize data on attacks, while prioritizing incidents and recommending the best course of action, the company adds.  



Microsoft notes that cyber-security teams are overwhelmed: Incursions have increased 67% over the past five years, and there are now 1,287 password attacks per second.

“Today the odds remain stacked against cybersecurity professionals,” Jakkal says. “Too often, they fight an asymmetric battle against relentless and sophisticated attackers.” 

For its part, Microsoft Security now tracks more than 50 ransomware gangs and over 250 nation-state cybercriminal organizations, using over 100 data sources. It employs more than 8,000 security professionals.


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