This Nasal Spray Wants You To Feel Sexy Again

Bayer’s Astepro Allegry nasal spray is taking a unique pivot for the category in its new ad campaign positioning the brand as a kind of aphrodisiac.

The insight underpinning the work: About every 7 in 10 allergy sufferers say allergies make them feel less attractive or admit it’s affected their love life.

The work, which features actress Meghann Fahy, takes its lead from perfume ads, which are mostly about glamour, allure and sexual attraction.

The brand worked with agency twelvenote on the campaign.

According to the brand, the campaign features “the same high glamour as a perfume ad but with allergens and a bit of tongue in cheek humor brought to life with luxurious visuals and an alluring celebrity partner.”

The ad anchoring the campaign opens with Fahy in a glamorous, yet allergen-filled mansion surrounded by sumptuous florals and wearing a romantic gown, when she receives a love note asking her to meet in 30 minutes.



With that prompt, Fahy rushes to get ready against modern orchestral music that brings the drama. She gives smoldering looks and delivers on sex appeal even as flowers, ragweed, dust, and other allergens surround her. Finally, she turns to the camera to tell everyone why it’s important to Astepro: “Because no one feels sexy with allergies.”



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