Publishers Are Focused On Identity Resolution And Contextual Targeting: Study

Publishers are putting a high priority on identity resolution and contextual targeting this year, according to a study by InMobi. 

Tied for first on this priority list, at 75% apiece, are audience insights, identity resolution and data enrichment . And 65% seek contextual targeting. 

In addition, around 50% apiece plan to prioritize user acquisition, cross-app promotions, first-party PII data capture and new and unique formats like native ads and app-open ads (launched by Google).

Publishers seek identity resolution functionalities to create targetable profiles they can monetize, the study states. They prefer contextual targeting over behavioral because they can offer relevant audiences to advertisers without using an identifier, the study says.

With With Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) in place and Google’s Android Privacy Sandbox on the way, publishers and advertisers alike need a ‘single view’ of the customer , the study notes. 



“Beyond ad monetization, publishers are looking for features to help them understand and unlock the potential of their user data in a privacy-first universe,” says Todd Rose, Senior Vice President of Addressability Solutions at InMobi. “This will help them better navigate the ever-changing ad tech and consumer privacy landscape.”  

InMobi  asked the respondents to rate each of the initiatives on a scale of 1-5. 

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