PowerDMARC integrates With Gradient MSP To Speed Up Billing

Gradient MSP, a billing and alert platform, has formed an integration with PowerDMARC, a provider of email security solutions, in a bid to speed billing for PowerDMARC partners. 

The arrangement will “speed up and simplify” billing reconciliation tasks for users of PowerDMARC’s Email Authentication Platform, says Colin Knox, co-founder and CEO of Gradient MSP. 

Gradient MSP’s Synthesize platform helps MSPs spend less time on such back-office tasks as billing reconciliation and alert monitoring.

PowerDMARC provides domain security management for MSPs, hosting DMARC, DKIM, BIMI, and MTA-STS.

The new integration will support protocol setup and management for MSPs. It delivers “an automated billing experience that is hassle-free and streamlined,” says Maitham Al Lawati, CEO of PowerDMARC.

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