Omnicom Group Licenses Adobe's New Content Supply Chain Solution

Omnicom Group has entered into an enterprise licensing deal for Adobe’s new Content Supply Chain solution that the holding company believes will transform its agencies’ content creation and delivery abilities. 

According to the companies, the new Adobe offering (which combines elements of Adobe’s Creative and Workfront Cloud and Experience manager) will provide agencies a unified view of each step in the content process from planning through activation and optimization. 

Omnicom will connect features of Adobe’s solution with Omni, Omnicom’s end-to-end marketing operating system, providing streamlined workflows, enhanced automation and increased operational efficiency. 



In 2022, 100 of Omnicom’s largest clients were served on average by more than 50 of its agencies across disciplines and geographies. According to the companies, Adobe’s Content Supply Chain solution further connects the people, processes, and technology providing these integrated client services.  

Paolo Yuvienco, EVP, Chief Technology Officer at Omnicom Group said the new solution would enable the company’s agencies from different disciplines and geographies to “remain connected throughout the entirety of the content supply chain, helping to transform our clients’ businesses in a faster, more effective way.” 

The new offering will accelerate agency content output, the partners said. Helping to drive that acceleration will be Adobe Firefly and Adobe Sensei GenAI – the company’s new generative AI capabilities. Combined with Omnicom’s own expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning, agencies can deliver experiences at scale, which Omnicom asserts would translate to business value for clients. 

The licensing deal follows by a week remarks that Omnicom CEO John Wren made on an earnings call about the firm's many exploratory projects utilizing generative AI including some with Microsoft. 

There are also many issues to be worked out before the company goes full steam ahead with GAI projects, said Wren. "There are lots of ethical and privacy questions," he said. "We need standards and rules in place," before deploying the technology to the full extent. 


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