Hertz, Orlando Encourage EV Adoption

Hertz and the city of Orlando, Florida are working together to encourage both visitors and residents to consider the use of electric vehicles. 

Hertz Electrifies Orlando is a public private partnership aimed at accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles and expanding the environmental and economic benefits of electrification across Orlando.

As part of the partnership, Hertz aims to add up to 6,000 rental EVs to its existing fleet in Orlando, for availability to leisure and business customers as well as rideshare drivers. The company has not specified which EV models will be added. Polestar and Tesla vehicles are currently available for rental in many cities. 

To help expand charging, Hertz will support the installation of up to 50 public fast chargers across the Greater Orlando area, in partnership with bp.



Hertz Electrifies Orlando aligns with Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer’s 2030 Electric Mobility Roadmap goals to accelerate EV adoption in multiple transportation sectors and develop a robust charging ecosystem to reduce emissions that harm public health, bolster climate change resilience, and increase access and affordability for all communities.

To help support the next generation of EV technicians, Hertz is donating an electric vehicle to Orange Technical College and providing EV education and training materials that will enable the school to incorporate EV technology into its auto servicing programs.

Orlando is the fourth City to partner with Hertz through Hertz Electrifies, as part of a multi-city rollout of this national public-private initiative. Similar initiatives are launching in Denver, Houston and Atlanta.

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  1. Edward Omeara from MediaHound, May 16, 2023 at 12:20 p.m.

    WARNING on Hertz EV rentals:  My experience in Las Vegas was that the EV vehicle was charge limited to 80% battery capacity.  They don't explain this during the rental process.  They do, however, remind you that if you don't return the vehicle with a full charge that you will be charged an extra $35 FEE to recharge the car.  So, guess what - EVERYONE gets charged that EV recharge fee even if you just left the hotel 1 mile away with a max'ed out charge.  When we confronted the Hertz people at airport, they shrugged their shoulders and stated, Yup, sorry, that's the way the billing balls bounce.  

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