Wunderman Thompson, Level Access Team To Close Digital Divide For The Disabled

Americans with disabilities are three times as likely as those without a disability to say they never go online, according to a 2021 study by the Pew Research Center.  

And 62% of adults with a disability say they own a desktop or laptop computer, compared with 81% of those without a disability, according to Pew. There’s a similar gap for smartphone ownership—72% versus 88%.  

The figures point to a digital divide for the disabled compared to the non-disabled that Wunderman Thompson is hoping to narrow via a strategic partnership with Level Access. 



Level Access was founded in 1997 by a group of engineers with disabilities as a pioneer in the digital accessibility sector. With the partnership the companies intend to jointly develop inclusive experiences such as websites and mobile apps for WT clients. 

WT has an inclusive design practice led by Dr. Josh Loebner, who says “We’ve found in Level Access, among other partners, internal teams and initiatives, the technology, tools, and expertise to help us accelerate accessibility, sharing in our passion to make the world inclusive for all.” 

“In a world driven by digital connection, the ability to interact with a website or mobile app without barriers is a fundamental human right,” adds Mark Steele, President, Level Access. “Our work together will have a tremendous cascading effect, impacting thousands of organizations and the countless digital experiences they create.” 

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