iSpot.TV To Measure Reach For YouTube, YouTube TV

iSpot.TV will launch reach measurement for YouTube and YouTube TV starting July 5.

The two Google-owned platforms are expanding their measurement offerings, with incremental reach documentation a particular focus, as they become increasingly strong contenders for traditional TV advertising.

YouTube has streaming’s largest share of connected TV viewership, and YouTube TV is now the nation’s fifth-largest pay-TV provider, at 5.7 million subscribers.

iSpot data has been integrated into Google’s clean room, Ad Data Hub for Measurement Partners, and iSpot’s Unified Measurement platform, which enables ad measurement, ad-level reach, frequency and incrementality views across TV and 900 streaming apps.

Marketers will be able to quantify total ad impressions and deduplicated audiences for the YouTube platforms across CTV and linear, including co-viewing and exposure on laptops and mobile devices.

The two companies first announced a partnership last October, and have now conducted a pilot with 11 advertisers to demonstrate that the solution can quantify the YouTube platforms’ unique reach.

iSpot said it will continue to develop more granular audience demographic breakdowns of the YouTube platforms’ viewership across screens.

“YouTube and YouTube TV are a significant part of the ad-supported landscape and provide advertisers substantial audience reach, ranging from people who are unreachable on linear TV to those with much overlap with other platforms and publishers,” iSpot CEO Sean Muller said in a statement, adding that the unified measurement integration will allow brands to use that knowledge to invest across the TV and streaming landscapes.

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