Prevacid Fights 'Stressburn' With Country Music Concert


Country music star Mitchell Tenpenny has teamed with over-the-counter (OTC) heartburn remedy Prevacid 24HR for “Beat the Burn,” a Wednesday evening concert live-streamed from Nashville on TikTok.

The “burn” in question, though, isn’t heartburn, but “stressburn” -- the Perrigo brand’s name for how stress is a leading cause of heartburn.

“I’ll be singing some of my classic songs along with new stress songs inspired by your stressburn,” Tenpenny told his TikTok followers on Monday.

During the concert, those fans, if they also follow Prevacid on TikTok and comment on their own “stressburn,” will be eligible to win tickets for the singer’s upcoming tour with country singer Jason Aldean.



Prevacid has also been giving away tickets around Nashville to attend Wednesday ‘s show in person.

This experiential marketing represents a reintroduction of Prevacid “through new platforms and perspectives,” Perrigo senior brand manager Kristen Verkaik explains to Marketing Daily. (Perrigo acquired OTC rights to Prevacidfrom GlaxoSmithKline in 2019.)

“With the TikTok live, we are introducing heartburn prevention on a small level in a way that is not only fun, but a catalyst for discussion,” Verkaik says.  “We hope that our ‘Beat the Burn’ concert sparks conversation about ‘stressburn” and how you can avoid it.”

While the word “stressburn” was coined by Perrigo/Prevacid, Verkaik points out that though the causal relationship between stress and heartburn (as well as acid reflux) has been unsung, it’s real.  “This is partially because stress can result in unhealthy patterns and behaviors such as overeating and drinking, but studies have also shown that prolonged emotional stress can actually increase acid production in the stomach.”

Prevacid seems to have found the perfect match in Tenpenny, who Verkaik says has been a “vocal stressburn sufferer.”

“From grueling touring schedules, new releases, award shows and beyond, Mitchell definitely has regular stress-inducing moments,” she explains. “We teamed up with him to help us not only bring awareness to ‘stressburn’ in a fun way but hopefully educate his followers and fans that there is a solution.”

From “past dating dilemmas to bad bosses to the stress of going on tour,” Prevacid says that Tenpenny on Wednesday “will be creating stress-inspired singles on the fly,” based on both his own experiences those of his audience.

And what’s next for Prevacid and stressburn?

“For now, we are focused on Nashville, but may explore expansion on the topic in the future,” Verkaik says.
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