New Man Therapy Ads Target New England Fishermen

Mental health is often cited as a necessity for public health and well-being. But getting people to access facilities and services is a challenge.

That's particularly true in certain segments of society.

The Cactus agency and sister company Grit Digital Health have debuted their latest iteration of Man Therapy, the research-backed digital mental health platform for the Maine Coast Fisherman Association.

The campaign employs humorous social-media posts, point-of-purchase postcards and OOH posters — all designed in a vintage, weather-beaten New England seaport style. The goal is an accessible message that encourages fishermen to take action to protect their mental health.



Print and OOH adds can be seen around the Maine fishing community and on social media for both the Maine Coast Fisherman Association and Northeast Center for Occupational Health and Safety.

In addition, the new Frame of Mind video series continues  this week with new episodes.

“Despite commercial fishing being one of the most dangerous civilian occupations in the United States, commercial fishermen have historically not received enough attention and resources to support their mental health. Now, as the industry undergoes significant change and uncertainty, it is crucial to reach out to fishermen and develop effective tools to support them,” said Monique Coombs, director of community programs, Maine Coast Fishermen's Association.

Man Therapy works to combat any stigmas that surround getting help. Its campaigns specifically target men in construction, veterans, first responders, etc. to connect them with tools and resources.

A CDC-funded study found that men who access Man Therapy reported a decrease in depression and suicidal ideation, a reduction in poor mental health days, and an increase in help-seeking behavior.

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