Chipotle, Twitch Team For Massive Food Giveaway To Gamers



Chipotle will give away up to 500,000 free digital orders of chips and guacamole starting this Friday at noon ET to help mark that day’s launch of Capcom’s “Street Fighter 6” video game.

Part of a “Super Ultra Combo Week” joint marketing effort from Capcom and live streamer Twitch, the Chipotle gift will go to viewers who watch an hour of “Street Fighter 6” gameplay on any of 89 user-generated, livestream Twitch channels. 

Twitch will also provide those viewers with a 30% discount on any item in its Street Fighter clothing collection on Amazon.

Twitch’s chief marketing officer Rachel Delphin tells Marketing Daily that “brands want to authentically connect with Twitch communities around cultural moments that matter.For this generation, and certainly on Twitch, those moments are often highly anticipated game releases.



“Rewards are a big part of gaming culture, and pursuing viewer rewards on our service allows Chipotle to provide an additive experience and connect meaningfully with the big and passionate Fighting Game Community [FGC] on Twitch,” she continues.

Chipotle, which is an official launch partner of “Street Fighter 6,” says it’s the first-ever restaurant brand to offer free food as viewer rewards on Twitch.

The QSR chain’s involvement with “Street Fighter 6” also includes advertising on Sony’s PlayStation media, the awarding of in-game currency to gamers placing digital Chipotle orders and using a special code, and the inclusion of “Street Fighter 6” as the title game of Chipotle’s annual esport Challenger Series. 

And later this year, "Street Fighter 6" will feature in-game integrations like Chipotle Daily Brackets, Battle Hub signage, and Chipotle-branded avatars.

Delphin notes that Twitch’s marketing “focuses on elevating streamers and championing communities,” and that the Fighting Game Community is “one of the most active and oldest communities on Twitch.”

“Super Ultra Combo WeeK” is being promoted by Twitch with organic social media, and video and display house ads on Twitch, including creative on the homepage carousel.

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