Julia Garner, Ashley Simone Hoodwink George Clooney In New Nespresso Campaign


George Clooney gets taken for a ride—and has his fancy ride taken from him—by actresses Simone Ashley and Julia Garner in a new campaign for Nespresso coffee makers.

The swindle unfolds at a house party where Clooney and Garner—best known for her role in the Netflix series “Ozark”—try to outguess each other as guests prepare their own coffee with Nespresso machines.

As this spot from McCann Paris opens, Clooney leaves the party and hands his valet parking ticket to an attendant who eyes it and looks confused.

“Lost a bet,” Clooney says.

Then the video cuts to earlier in the evening when Clooney and Garner bet their vehicles while trying to predict guests’ coffee preferences.



When Ashley enters the scene, Clooney decides she will choose “Intenso” while Garner says “No, cool, definitely ice.”

When Ashley chooses an iced coffee, Clooney realizes he’s been set up.

Ashley and Garner end up driving away in Clooney’s sports car while he mounts Garner’s failing motor scooter.

Garner and Ashley—known for her role in the Netflix series “Bridgerton”—were chosen for their appeal to a young audience, according to Jessica Padula, vice president of marketing at Nespresso USA.

“Julia and Simone are top of the streaming category, representing that younger consumer in a lot of ways,” Padula tells Marketing Daily.

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