Brevo Dumps Email Sender Misusing Its Service

Brevo -- formerly known as Sendinblue -- has gotten rid of an email sender who was sending fake Sam’s Club offers.  

The emails, which purported to be conducting a survey, had an email address that ended in 

The company has responded as follows:

“We have identified that someone signed up for a free account and used it to send unauthorized emails. As soon as we discovered what the emails were being used for, we immediately closed the account and suspended all activity.” 

The statement signed by Brevo adds, “We have clear policies about this kind of communication from our platform. What we saw was a clear abuse and violation of the terms of our platform.” 

The team has confirmed that Sam’s Club itself is not a customer.

The fake email promises a gift card or promo reward worth $50 or $90 for anyone taking the short survey. But the unsolicited email is not from Sam’s Club, Snopes reports.

Consumers who click on the survey link find themselves being charged monthly fees for “strange subscriptions,” according to Snopes. 



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