CTV Accounts For 68% Of Automotive Video Impressions

Connected TV (CTV) accounted for 68% of global video impressions in 2022, versus 23% for mobile devices and 9% for desktop computers, according to a new report.

Innovid analyzed more than 30 billion video advertising impressions from automotive advertisers served on its platform across CTV, mobile and desktop devices in 2022.

CTV's automotive impressions share has grown by 100% since 2019, as the shares of mobile and desktop have continued to decline. In 2019, mobile had a 42% share and desktop a 24% share.

Automotive advertisers devoted more impressions to dynamic video and display advertising in 2022, with an increase of 164.8% and 201.8% year-over-year, respectively. Dynamic display drove 64.3% higher lift than standard display. 

Interactive formats have been particularly key in driving CTV performance.



Interactive CTV impressions leapt 50.4% year-over-year in 2022, and interactive CTV’s average engagement rate of 0.9% also far outperformed those of dynamic video and interactive mobile/desktop video, each at 0.2%.

In addition, interactive CTV formats had a nearly 93% average video completion rate (VCR), compared to 83% for dynamic video and 74.5% for interactive mobile/desktop video.

Automotive video ads had the highest VCRs of all analyzed verticals — and that performance was not dependent on video length. VCRs were 89.6% or higher for videos ranging from 10 seconds or less to 60 seconds.

However, 30-second ads' average engagement rate of 2% was six times greater than the rate for the next-highest performing-length of 15 seconds.    

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