Flipboard Launches Interest Collectives To Drive Contextual Advertising

Social magazine Flipboard has debuted what it calls Interest Collectives to allow ad campaigns that run on Flipboard to expand to contextually relevant partner sites.

Flipboard is working with publishing partners like Atlas Obscura, Frommer's and VentureBeat, to bundle inventory around top interests.

The Collectives are designed to "help brands reach individuals united by common interests, with high intent, and actively seeking to learn, share experiences, and form opinions about brands, products, and services, both on and off our platform," says Mike McCue, CEO and cofounder of Flipboard. 

The new Travel and Tech Collectives have launched, and a Finance Collective will roll out over the summer.  

Each brings together content from Flipboard curators, creators, email newsletters and relevant publisher partner sites,

For example, the travel Collective combines visitors to  Flipboard’s travel destination with  those of Atlas Obscura, Explore, Fodor's and Frommer's.



"Over the past few years, we have partnered closely with Flipboard on a number of initiatives and we have seen substantial referral traffic and engagement from an audience that goes deep on travel," says Pauline Frommer, editorial director at Frommer's. 

The new program will allow Frommer's to “continue growing engagement on Flipboard, while supplementing our direct sales efforts with new monetization opportunities," Frommer adds. 

Similarly, the Tech Interest Collective features such partner sites as as 9to5Mac, Digital Trends and VentureBeat. 

The Finance Collective will consist of publications like Moneywise.

"As privacy concerns continue to grow and data collection becomes more restricted, contextual advertising will be one of the most effective ways to reach qualified audiences in quality environments," McCue adds.


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