Twitter Places New Version Of TweetDeck Behind Paywall

Following reports of widespread technical issues, Twitter has launched a “new, improved version of TweetDeck”–– the social media platform's tweet management and scheduling interface -- that will become accessible only to verified Twitter Blue users by the end of the month.

Twitter's new paid version of TweetDeck -- which is labeled “TweetDeck Preview” -- includes several updates to the beta version it launched two years ago, including an updated tweet composer that allows users to create scheduled threads with GIFs, polls, videos, photos and emojis, improved advanced search filters, video docking -- the ability to watch a video while performing other functions, and additional organizational changes.

The shift to the new TweetDeck comes after user complaints that TweetDeck had been faltering since the platform decided to begin limiting the number of posts users could view each day --  in what owner and COO Elon Musk tweeted was a move “to address extreme levels of data scraping & system manipulation.”

To restore TweetDeck functionality, users can opt in to use the new feature in the menu of the original TweetDeck interface. Twitter says the process should be fairly straightforward, with saved searches, lists and columns transferring automatically.

One feature not included in the new version of TweetDeck is Teams, which some users are concerned will negatively impact business users who depend on team-based account management.

“We are still working on making improvements to the Teams feature,” Twitter wrote in a recent blog post. “We’ll share more information about those updates as soon as possible.”

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