Actor Paul Scheer Directs Spots For Simply Salad Dressings

Marketing agency The Shipyard has partnered with  Hollywood hyphenate Paul Scheer to direct a series of humorous spots in a campaign for Marzetti's new line of healthy salad dressings named Simply.  

The campaign, titled "It Simply Sells Itself," showcases Simply's 11 flavors, what they pair nicely with, and healthy attributes like low calorie and sugar count.  



“Because the product is such an easy sell, each spot ends early,” says Mark Hillman, executive creative director at The Shipyard. “Which leaves our spokesperson needing to fill time. Which leads to awkward improvisation.” He credits Scheer for the clever approach to the ads.   

Scheer, known for his roles on FX’s The League, Showtime’s Black Monday and other shows as well as his podcast How Did This Get Made? worked with production company RYB in Los Angeles.    

A sample of the work can be seen here

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