PRophet's Latest Feature: "Short-And-To-The-Point" Press Releases

Stagwell has added a couple of features to its Marketing Cloud PRophet product (launched in 2020) for PR pros that uses generative AI to crank out press releases and related material. 

The so-called “Multi-Pitch Generator” feature, which is exclusive to enterprise customers, enables users to generate personalized pitches for up to 25 reporters in under three minutes.   

That’s great, just what I need, more rapid-fire press releases hitting my in-box.  



Here’s the exciting part for me: Users have the option to adjust the structure of each pitch, including ones that are "short and to the point."   

Now that’s a breakthrough. Imagine a short and to the point press release. Without all the jargony jibber jabber and ridiculous irrelevant hyperbole that you have to weed through that never makes it into a story.   

Remember, beloved PR contacts, Whitman is a “short-and-to-the-point” writer.   

Another option is “elaborative.” Yeah, I get those all the time.   

The Multi-Pitch Generator will even adjust the tone of the release with options like “professional,” “emotive,” “friendly,” and more.   

Yes, Virginia, machines really are taking over the world.  

New feature number two is a biography generator that will spit out an executive bio in seconds if you input a LinkedIn URL.  

Earlier in the quarter PRophet unveiled "Powered by PRophet," a white labeling option that allows agencies and brands to incorporate PRophet's platform into their existing communications technology stacks.   

To date the service has more than 1,500 users across brands and agencies. 



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