Video Continues To Drive Programmatic Spending Growth

Video will continue to dominate programmatic display ad spending going forward, according to a statistical summary on the state of programmatic released Thursday by Insider Intelligence/eMarketer.

In 2023, video spend will total $74.47 billion, versus $59.49 billion for other programmatic digital display ad spending, per projections first released in April. 

Next year, video is projected to hit $85.52 billion and other display spending $64.56 billion. And in 2025, video is expected to reach $96.09 billion, compared to $71.72 billion for other digital display. 

Programmatic inventory share by category in Q1 2023 was as follows: 

  • News—26% 
  • Lifestyle—18% 
  • Games—17%
  • Technology—15%
  • Sports—8% 
  • Health and wellness—6% 
  • Travel—4%
  • Cooking—2%
  • Education—2% 
  • Entertainment—2% 



Looking forward, advertisers are more likely to see promise in advertiser first-party activation than publishers at a ratio of 49% to 16.6%. And 37.9% of advertisers feel the same way about Google Topics (formerly known as FLaC), compared to 12.5% of publishers.

But 47.7% of publishers have hope in publisher first-party data activation as do 27.1% of advertisers.


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