April Tax App Revamps Brand, Site

April, an AI-powered tax system founded by Daniel Marcous, former head of data science at Google, has launched a brand refresh and site.

In partnership with design agency Bom Bom, the new iteration illustrates how the company is transforming how Americans understand and interact with their taxes.

The redesign has a new color palette, purple with earth tones, font, GT America Mono, new photo treatments and a library of 3D-rendered objects. These elements collectively tell the story of a tax platform that’s built to be embedded and customized, with an AI-powered personalized tax filing experience as singular as every taxpayer.

“We wanted the new design system to reflect the change we’re making in the world of tax technology — from rigid, linear, and complex to modular, flexible and simple,” Fay Vlahu Scott, vice president, marketing, tells Agency Daily. “Being an AI company since day one has allowed us to rapidly adapt, iterate and even start anew when necessary. It's an advantage we hold as a nimble tech company against larger, slower incumbents.”



The goal is to marry tech to a consumer-friendly tax future.

Using AI, april turns a compliance-oriented audit exercise into an opportunity for a comprehensive financial health check. It encourages planning with estimation and optimization products. The library of 3D-rendered objects, part of april’s tools, craft a deeply personalized financial view for each user.

“Our strategy was to bring the design language of IRS forms into the context of a taxpayer’s daily life. This echoes april’s value proposition as a year-round, embedded and personalized financial tool,” said Adam Taylor, partner-creative director, Bom Bom.

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