Dreaming It Up: Tools On Tap At Dreamforce

Validity, a provider of email deliverability tools, is on its way to Dreamforce 2023, the Salesforce conference in San Francisco.

Validity speakers will host two sessions with customers. And the firm will outline several enhancements to its DemandTools product. 

For starters, Validity is now offering its email address verification service for contact and lead records on a pay-as-you-go basis. This tool, which had been offered only to paid subscribers, helps users ensure they are not engaging with fake or nonexistent email addresses. 

In addition, DemandTools is more closely integrated with DupeBlocker, a native Salesforce app from Validity. It prevents the creation of duplicate records. 

In addition, Salesforce attachments and documents can now be exported directly from Salesforce. 



DemandTools comes in four editions: Free, Elements, V Release, and DemandTools File, a non-CRM-specific edition for merging duplicates in spreadsheets.

The purpose of these tools is to make high-quality data possible for all types of organizations around the globe," says Chris Hyde, global head of data solutions at Validity.

Validity’s Tune module will provide features focused on elevated data visualization when interacting with standard or custom object records. 

As part of the DemandTools V release, Demandtools Certifications will provide multiple badges, including a 'DemandTools Certified' badge for social profiles, and DemandTools Certified swag.

One DemandTools user is Ridecell, a firm that supports digitization and automation in the fleet industry. 

"When I switched roles last year, I advocated for DemandTools as one of the top tools I needed for success within marketing operations,” says Angie Henkel, director of marketing operations at Ridecell. "lThanks to Validity, we essentially have net zero duplicates in our database."

The conference, which is being billed by Salesforce as the “AI event of the year, starts next Tuesday. But it may be the last in San Francisco.

"If this Dreamforce is impacted by the current situation with homelessness and drug use it may be the last Dreamforce," Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff told the San Francisco Chronicle.

Salesforce made a $1 million donation to the Salvation Army’s “Way Out” program that helps the homeless. 

Dreamforce draws around 40,000 people and is a major contributor to the local economy.

Enjoy the event, everyone.


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