Dawn Adds RedPeg Marketing To Its Agency Roster

Washington DC-area experiential marketing firm RedPeg Marketing has joined Dawn, the portfolio of independent agencies that work together to serve clients.  

RedPeg was formed in 1995 and is led by CEO Brad Nierenberg. Clients include Nike Marriott, Meta, Geico and others.  

RedPeg activated Geico’s premiere partnership with NASCAR to drive leads, consideration and loyalty for the insurance giant.   



The agency is also known for its expertise across music, gaming and creating scaled events in stadiums, venues and celebrations ranging from local to global.  

Recent work included staging events to celebrate Hip Hop’s 50th Anniversary across New York City, launching a global VIP experience with Imagine Dragons, and hosting an 80,000 person festival for Pokémon GO, also in New York.  

Dawn was formed in 2019 by former MDC Partners executive Bob Kantor and New York-based media agency Crossmedia with a focus on providing independent agencies a source to tap data sciences advanced analytics and other capabilities to supplement their in-house offerings.    

RedPeg is the 15th agency to join the Dawn operation. Collectively the agenices offer services including creative, experiential, PR, media, barter, data science, strategy, CRM among others. The agency roster includes Active, Barkley, Zoo Media, Crossmedia and more.  

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