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Bloom Nutrition Grows Multichannel With Focus On Brick & Mortar

Bloom Nutrition, which first released its Greens and Superfoods supplement D2C in 2019 and added brick-and-mortar at Target in late 2022 and at Walmart earlier this year, has launched a “Find Your Flavor!’ campaign, featuring end cap displays at both retailers -- along with a pop-up shop that opened in lower Manhattan earlier this month.

The end caps -- created in-house -- are in all Target stores through Oct. 15, and in 2,700 Walmarts through the end of September.

Via email, Marketing Daily asked Mari Llewellyn, Bloom co-founder and chief executive officer, about the brand’s trajectory.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Marketing Daily: How did Bloom get started?

Mari Llewellyn: In 2017, I hit rock bottom both mentally and physically. I decided to take ownership of my health, and with the help of my now-husband, Greg, I lost over 90 pounds and fell in love with fitness. But, like many female beginners in fitness, I struggled to find healthy supplements with high-quality ingredients that tasted delicious. That’s why I created Bloom.



Marketing Daily: Can you take us through Bloom’s growth?

Llewellyn: During my personal transformation, I gained an amazing and dedicated following.

Our most popular product, Greens, quickly became a daily staple in people's routines and went viral on TikTok. We knew we had to expand channels and launch on Amazon.

TikTok also prompted the launch of our first brick-and-mortar, Target.  Our brand quickly gained traction and has consistently held the #1 and #2 spots in nutrition and vitamin products across all Target locations nationwide.

After seeing unprecedented success in Target, we were able to expand our brick-and-mortar portfolio and launched in Walmart stores earlier this year. Within the first two months, we expanded from 1,800 stores to full chain.

Marketing Daily: What kinds of marketing has Bloom done in the past?

Llewellyn: After seeing all the positive feedback on TikTok, we eventually ventured into influencer marketing, collaborating with respected figures in the health and wellness industries to expand to new audiences.

We encourage creators to use our product naturally, while creating their usual content [to] . organically show what “blooming” truly means to them.

Our growth continued through digital (paid ads, email, SMS), field, and retail marketing. We also host in-person activations, pop-ups, and community events in top markets like Los Angeles, New York and Miami.

This multichannel approach has allowed us to tap into different segments of the market, engaging with a broader audience while maintaining the authenticity and quality that define Bloom.

Marketing Daily: What more can you tell us about the “Find Your Flavor” campaign

Llewellyn: Our “Find Your Flavor” campaign is about connecting with existing fans and welcoming new ones into the Bloom family. “Find Your Flavor” highlights the delicious flavor options behind Bloom Greens, as well as the accessibility of our products across the U.S.

While online shopping has been and continues to be a convenient way for our fans to purchase Bloom products, we want everyone to know that they can now conveniently find their favorite Bloom products at their trusted retailers. 

The campaign specifically celebrates new flavors and products launching in both brick-and-mortar stores [Target and Walmart]..

Our newest flavor, Strawberry Kiwi, entered Target shelves, sitting next to Mango and Berry. Our convenient Greens travel-stick packs entered shelves for the first time.

Beyond Greens, Walmart received its first shipment of High Energy Pre-Workout, in two best-selling flavors: Sour Peach Ring and Raspberry Lemonade. This is the first time ever Pre-Workout has entered retail stores.

Additionally, we activated our dedicated influencer network to promote our retail presence and engaged our loyal online community through content and giveaways.

Marketing Daily: Is there any significance to the timing of the campaign?

Llewellyn: During this time of year, many people are getting back on track and into a new routine post-summer, whether that's with work, school, etc. Our goal was to capture this high-traffic time in retail and make Bloom easier than ever to find.

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