Voice Cloning Tech Deployed For Literacy Campaign

Respeecher’s voice cloning technology has many applications, from producing podcasts, audiobooks and other forms of entertainment to healthcare, where for example it can help patients with speech disabilities. 

Now ProLiteracy has applied the technology to assist low-literacy parents to improve reading and writing skills and has enlisted Droga5 to create a campaign demonstrating one family's experience.  



Teaming with production company Smuggler, the agency created a film called The Impossible Bedtime Story that chronicles the journey of Felicia, a mother of four as she used the technology to narrate passages of children’s books and for the first time read bedtime stories to her children. 

The effort was tied to National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week (Sept. 17-23).  

According to ProLiteracy, research shows that parents reading to their children is a key determinant in future academic success. And the group’s ambitious goal is to help millions of low-literate adults in the U.S. gain access to voice cloning technology to improve their literacy skills and potentially enhance their children’s ability to learn.  

Other agencies and marketers have used the Respeecher technology. One example is a campaign from Mondelez and its agencies Ogilvy and Wavemaker last year that celebrated the Hindu holiday Diwali. Multiple ads in India featured the popular actor Shahrukh Khan, or rather his digital avatar. The voice cloning technology was used to create his lines in different spots, which varied by product category.  



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