MadeGood Highlights 'Highly Thoughtful Snacks' Brand Platform

Snack brand MadeGood is hyping its new "Highly Thoughtful Snacks" platform ahead of Halloween.

The positioning is part of a broader brand refresh developed to highlight both the brand's appeal as a "better for you" option for consumers mindful of the ingredients in the food as well as its larger commitment to sustainability goals.

The brand worked with its new creative agency Confidant to focus on the stories of customers dealing with food sensitivities, and parents and teachers making an impact in their communities, to highlight how the brand can help make snack time more inclusive.

"Inclusivity has been at the core of MadeGood since day one. MadeGood products are organic and non-GMO certified and are free of top-eight food allergens, so more people can feel good about enjoying and sharing a snacking moment. The moments portrayed in our campaign reflect relatable and personal challenges we know that consumers face all too often,” Nicole Bleiwas, vice president of marketing for MadeGood parent company Riverside Natural Foods, said in a release.



The brand is debuting a new ad featuring costume maker Laura Verner of Elvie Creations, part of a full suite of content and storytelling elements across paid, earned, and owned media promoting the new brand platform, including a brand manifesto video ad.

"Right there in the name MadeGood is a compelling promise: this is a ‘highly thoughtful snack’ made with intentionality for both people and the planet. With that truth, we set out to find and feature truly authentic everyday people who carry this thoughtfulness into snack time," explained Confident Co-Founder Ken Byers.

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