Robert Downey Jr. Combats Online Crime In 'What Are The Odds?'

Actor Robert Downey Jr. is starring in a new spot for Aura, an online safety company.

In “What Are the Odds,” Downey highlights how irrational (and unlikely) some of our everyday fears are. They include being in a plane crash (1 in 11 million), or not waking up from anesthesia after a surgery (1 in 185,000).

Conversely, there is a 1 in 4 chance of falling victim to online crime.

The creative, by Arnold Worldwide, a Havas Group company, is running on the actor's social-media channels, educating consumers on the risks of online crime. It will roll out more broadly in 2024.

"The odds are so high, it’s clear people need help now,” said Hari Ravichandran, founder-CEO of Aura. “Last year, Americans lost $10.3 billion to online crime, and the crisis is only getting worse.”



As part of the campaign, Aura is launching a new online safety resource center — available next week via — that provides visitors with step-by-step instructions to help resolve crimes.

The reality reaches across all demographics. One in two Gen Zers (18-26) are at high risk for online crime, per an Aura-Ipsos digital crime study and harbored more specific fears than baby boomers, according to Javelin.

This past March, the actor joined Aura’s board of directors, invested in the company and committed to working with it as a strategist and brand advocate. This spot continues their partnership.

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